Emergency answers needed.

I (age 58) was told by my Ophthalmologists that I have a mild case of Keratoconcus, but a bad Astigmatism in my left eye only. However, I looked up Keratoconcus on the web and I dont have any symptoms of Keratoconcus. However, I do have a bad Astigmatism as I said in my left eye. Yesterday I saw my optometrist where I get my glasses from. After the exam I picked out frames. The owner of the eyeglass place who is very knowledgeable told me I must get antiglare put on the lenses and the frames should sit closer to my eyes.

I do have to take off my eyeglasses to read, cannot see the letters/numbers when reading if I wear my glasses, also must take them off to sew. This is on this pair I am wearing now and on my last two pairs of eyeglasses. (Will pick up my new eyeglasses with the antiglare coating in a week). Also I do have one problem if a light fixture is above me the glare bothers me and throws me off balance and makes me queasy. This also happens in cars if I am not driving.

What I am wondering is do I really have Keratoconcus or is my problem from my Astigmatism? The last three Ophthalmologists I have seen confirmed I have a mild case of Keratoconcus even though I told them I do not have one symptom of it. Also will the anti-glare coating help my problem?

You are going to have to ask

You are going to have to ask the doc why he says you have Keratoconcus even though you have no symptoms of Keratoconcus. Have you said "but I have no symptoms of Keratoconcus."?

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