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'Dr. Dhruv's office visits should on record for the shortest ever-almost like a drive through. My last 2 visits- 6 months apart- were less than satisfactory. Since Dr. Dhruv doesn't make morning appointments and her last afternoon visit is 1:00, I must take a day off of work. Coupled with a $45.00 co-pay and a day's wages for a 2-3 minute visit, this is very expensive. One year ago, she raced out so fast, she forgot to write out my prescription. Four days later, I received it in the mail. Last visit,she had ordered a bone density test, and I had the dexascan completed prior to the visit. She told me she never received the results and it was my responsibility to call the lab and have the results sent to her. I never got the results from her or her office. As a patient, I want a doctor to spend more than 2-3 minutes with me and to follow through on all tests. I no longer am a patient of Dr. Dhruv.'
OMG, i wish i would have read your review earlier. I saw her today ! Same experience ! I felt rushed, never was asked if i had any questions, sent me for tests, rushed me out the door and said she would see me in 6 weeks, what am is supposed to do in the mean time? Did you find another doc that you can recommend that is better? I felt like she was doing me a big favor by seeing me today. Thanks.

I feel your pain. From what I

I feel your pain. From what I hear Desai and Wood (who work in her same office!) are very good and are rated very highly. My new doctor is wonderful. Save yourself from more abuse and don't give this b itch the satisfaction of collecting your money and messing with your body so she can "experiment" or whatever she wants to call it.

Dr Wood will no longer be

Dr Wood will no longer be practicing there. I was told she was leaving.

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