May is stroke awareness month. Most of us older folks are aware of the signs and symptoms of a stroke. Young people are often not aware and might disregard symptoms delaying treatment.

Please educate your children, grandchildren, and students on the signs of stroke. They are often home with grandma and grandpa or away at college and might be the ones who need to call 911.

Timing is critical for a successful recovery!

"Andrea... tried to smile

"Andrea... tried to smile with half her face, crossing her eyes in the process, and her third-grade classmates giggled. Matthew Velez struggled to speak, "Luh, luh, uh, gronk," and the kids erupted in laughter.
But the funny faces, the gibberish and some arm flapping were all part of a serious lesson to help kids learn the telltale signs of a stroke by imitating them. The idea is to enlist children, particularly those who may live with older relatives, as an army of eyes to help recognize the warning signs, get help for victims more quickly and hopefully save lives."



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