What came first, malpractice or malpractice insurance.



This is why I'm glad doctors in Canada have the CMPA.

Errors happen, but sometimes they are innocent errors.

No amount of money can bring a loved one back.

“So let’s go back to our

“So let’s go back to our case. Young man, fever, cough. ‘[you forgot to mention chest pain]’ The Globe article, being rather one-sided, says the doctor only saw the guy for 5 minutes and never did an EKG. So maybe that’s true. Maybe he should have examined him more closely. Might have heard an abnormal heart sound, maybe not. Maybe he should have done an EKG. Might have been normal, might have been not….”

So MAYBE he should have??? As in who cares if he listened to his heart or not? So what if he didn’t do an EKG??? He probably would have died anyway so who gives a hoot! Chest pain? Well, most of our patients exhibiting these symptoms have bronchitis; here’s an antibiotic and some pain killers (which is probably all a 23 year old man came for anyway)...next....

I have a feeling there was more to the case than what was reported.

gagal wrote: So what if he

gagal wrote:

So what if he didn’t do an EKG??? He probably would have died anyway...

That's what the medical expert for the defense might have concluded.

gagal wrote:


I'm guessing that's exactly what the medical experts and lawyers would say...

No amount of money will bring that young man back. Learning is needed.



“Coker was supposed to remain in the gallery to supervise the surgery and said he would "be around" but instead ate lunch and proceeded to go home.”

“Al-Abed admits to his mistake but denies malpractice.”

Reminds me of "We're sorry a complication occurred."

A hefty lawsuit might help expedite the learning process.

"Dr Coker admits to failing

"Dr Coker admits to failing to appropriately undertake his role in not attending or supervising the operation, but denies several other similar charges."

Dr Al-Abed has admitted the majority of the charges. The hearing continues."

Since I don't know what the charges are that they are not admitting to, I applaud them for admitting accountability and pray for justice for everyone involved.

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