arthritis of the elbow

does anyone reading this, have arthtitis on the elbow? there doesn't seem to be many people with this problem and I can't see a rheumatologist until June. and I need any information/help as to what I should do now.
it seems to be chronic.I know I have a flare up. right now it's stiff, it hurts, I can't bend it. so I can't exercise or do many things with this arm. it got worse little by little and it has not gotten better.
strangely, I'm fine when I'm not working. it's like my body likes the rest. the last time it was at it's best was during the christmas break. so I know I need to take some time to just rest and not work (I sit behind a desk and don't use this arm for anything other than type, write etc).
anybody else out there going through the same thing?