Rhinoplasty Cost And Doctors!!

Hello !
I am looking innto rhinoplasty. I would just like to ask who your doctor was, how much consultation and the procedure was, and of course how satisfied you are with your new nose. Let me know! making a choice on the right doctor is very difficult as you all know.
Thanks for your help!

also, did any insurance cover your procedure or help you to make monthly payments?

What I can say to you is to

What I can say to you is to love yourself naturally and if you never did any plastic surgery before please don't even try it. There are many risks such as unexpected results. I am a victim of bad nose job even though I took my time looking for a qualified surgeon. Now I am looking for another surgeon who can fix what someone else destroyed. It is very confusing especially when you see people complaints about the doctor you chose. Except that there is money and health involved in the whole process. If it is going to be your first time to do it, please don't and love yourself the way God created you.

this is not what i asked.

this is not what i asked.

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