Rating Feedback for Dr. Schaller (5218007)

The rating:
'Dr. Schaller is knowledgable about tic borne illnesses. But he does not help everyone. He was not able to help my loved one. He doesn't give you written instructions. He expects you to take notes, no other doctor that I have been to does this. When I followed up he would ask me what he had said previously which makes me think he was not documenting his plan of care. His prices are extremely high. I worked in health care and documentation is critical. My family member had pneumonia when we saw Dr. Schaller and he missed this. We paid around $1,200.00 for 2 hours, and he doesn't send a claim to your insurance company. We did see another physician and my family member is doing very well now.'
I am sorry that this reported post is filled with errors. Since my fees are very clear in any paid service, this is intentional defamation. So if math is wrong, the mind reading motives are also sad. These are not my rates.

The position I would not refer someone to a lung expert the instant any breathing trouble was noted is a concern. I have stopped sessions instantly in the past and sent people to an uncrowded ER and saved thier lives. My real patients who are with me long enough to see thier negative labs reverse to the good, know I am around 24/7/365 and am currently finishing up book 34 on BIOFILMS which includes pneumonia biofilm slime organisms that are very hard to kill.

The idea I was given clear pneumonia signs and blew someone off is false. It is Sunday at 9:50 PM and I just got off the phone with four patients in four states.

I have had no patient who did my labs, go to another MD and fully reverse all thier issues found in our extensive labs.

Further, we DO ONLY TAKE TREATMENT FAILURE patients, since as a full-time reader/researcher, I only see patients 19 hours a week.So this supposed patient had already failed others before coming to me. And such people are never merely dealing with a pneumonia, since any MD can listen to lungs and get some images to find this problem. Further, we do some select area exams, but we use family docs or internists for general exams, since they do a better exam.

If I am so poorly informed why have 60 researchers and top experts approved 27 papers on 20 areas of science to be published under a few of the most prestigious editors in North America and Europe?

I accept I am not like the other doctors you have worked with in the past. Thank you. We offer a superior service that is like the personal attention given around the 1920's but with a cutting edge medical approach as our goal.

Please contact me if you are real, and not an annoyed stranger/neighbor or a competitor, and we will be happy to learn from your experience. We could not find any receipt matching you so far. My number is 239.263.0133, and I would be happy to have all of use look over your experience to improve what we do. If you really exist.