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Sherri Worth is trying to cover up her poor ratings. Stay away. I am an actual customer with 4 chipped veneers she refused to correct. She was sued for medical malpractice and had a judgment entered against her for $641,542.

According to arbitration documents, Valdez consulted with Worth because she felt her smile looked "gummy," she had a chipped tooth and her front teeth were discolored. In 2009, Worth put crowns or veneers on 22 teeth. Afterward, Valdez experienced extreme pain and sensitivity.

Cosgrove said in an interview that his wife thought she was receiving veneers, not crowns. They paid Worth $45,000, he said, and have spent $70,000 fixing Valdez's mouth. He said she has undergone two gum surgeries, eight root canals and lost 20 percent of her body weight because she couldn't eat.