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'I went on a recommendation from a friend regretted it. The gave me wrong information, I caught them in a lie, they didn't give me information in a timely fashion because they assumed that I knew what I was doing, and finally, they forgot about me during treatment and *almost locked me in the office* when the nurses were leaving for lunch! I had to wait over an hour each time I went in for treatment. I only saw Dr. Gill ONCE during the initial consultation, and even then, it was for only five minutes. I never saw him again. I guess he looked at my test results? The man who was with me during the IUI (a nurse?) read my husband's SA incorrectly and told me that I needed IVF. The staff was friendly enough I guess, but it wasn't enough to overcome the feeling that I was just a burden to them. I don't expect to be treated like royalty - all I ask is for a little dignity and compassion. I felt like this was just an impersonal assembly line who wanted my money.'
I experienced the exact same except a majority of the staff, specifically the nurses, were extremely rude, not knowledgeable and incompetent. Dr. Gill is compassionate and an excellent, compassionate Dr; however, you would never know it because you have to deal with his unorganized, incompetent staff before you get to Dr.Gill or any other Dr.
Btw...I never want to be treated like a Queen either but let's face it, we are ultimately paying them tens of thousands of dollars so I don't think we are asking for too much.