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'Please do not use this midwife. My daughter died four days after this person delivered her baby in Louisiana.My four beautiful grandchildren will grow up motherless. A simple test for strep B would of saved her life!'
I am sorry for your loss. But Calling me your daughter's midwife is a stretch to say the least, 1 prenatal for a verification of pregnancy does not make me her midwife (to be in care a mother MUST be seen a minimum of 10 prenatals, not 1). Also, I did NOT deliver your daughters baby, the baby was delivered by her husband (a UC, unassisted childbirth) as he had delivered her past births. To post on a public page that I was your daughter's midwife and am some way at fault for her passing; is like saying I am responsible for 9/11, complete rubbish. I do NOT deliver babies in the state of Louisiana. In the state of Ms; midwives are not allowed to do Group B testing. ALL women are referred to a testing site where they can receive GBS testing and labs; It is the clients RIGHT to refuse testing. Women are able to seek OB shadow care, if they wish. Again, I am sorry for your unfortunate loss. But a lot of facts are missing from your statement.