How to save a life

They saved my baby's life.

I don't know what happened to the doctor who saw me throughout my pregnancy, and allowed me to go nearly 3 weeks overdue, but I was told he died suddenly.

"Everything is perfectly normal" he had often said, but it really wasn't.

They saved my baby's life, her hearing was affected but it went undetected until she was 5. She should have been given appropriate follow-up care. When she was 3, I knew there was something wrong, but I didn't know what it was. I wish I had known then what I know now. I wasn't given appropriate follow-up care.

We can save a life by letting go of external power, and focusing on developing our internal power. I can clearly see that now. Perhaps that is what God wanted me to see; perhaps that is the miracle...

Peace and happiness to everyone in 2014.

Eternal peace and happiness

Eternal peace and happiness to the doctor.

There is power in forgiving, and in forgiving yourself.

And there is power in

And there is power in learning and healing.

Leslie Greenberg, professor of psychology at York University in Toronto

“Compassion and the ability to see the other as a person just like oneself is crucial. For the offender, forgiveness is best promoted not by apology, but by expression of genuine shame. For the victim, it involves facing one’s own pain rather than blaming. It’s a process of two steps forward and one back that takes time and work from both sides.”

How to save a life: Make

How to save a life:

Make mental health matter.

I would never want to cause any harm to a child of Dr. Arora's.

Year's ago, a police officer called to tell me that Dr. Arora was worried for his child. I thought it was ridiculous to think I would ever hurt his child.

I see now it wasn't ridiculous. His child's mental health could be affected by my postings.

All of my postings are here for a child of Dr. Arora's to see, and I couldn't see how my behavior could hurt his child, and I don't think the police officer could either, but I see it very clearly now.

I am ashamed, and I ask for this child's forgiveness.

I am very sorry.

Katherine - please delete all of my postings for the sake of his child, who is very deserving of a happy, healthy life.

Peace and happiness to all in 2014, especially Dr. Arora's family and my family, and most of all to Ian's family.

Thank you. Janice

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