I need help removing a review I posted.

Can someone please help me delete a review I posted. It is causing alot of stress on my part because I am being threatened by the Doctor. I need to avoid a lawsuit and I can do so by removing the post. I tried to delete myself but it will not allow me to. I emailed the contact us email with no response. I also tried ratemds john too. Can someone point me in the right direction of how to take care of this please?

Wow! And I thought being

Wow! And I thought being blacklisted was tough! Assuming you were truthful in your posts, that is really pathetic you are being threatened. But remember this, people can sue for ANY reason. It doesn't mean they will prevail. Good luck!

Maybe your initial eval had

Maybe your initial eval had merit and you are being bullied by a physician with power and money?

To Whom it May

To Whom it May Concern
Regarding this post you put up, which you are being threatened by the doctor, you may like to try this; this may work. I tried this to take down a not highly positive post down I put up, then regreted later, and it worked for me.-

Supply in your email requesting to take down the post the following information:

1. Appeal to the Rate Mds Director's sense of Charity and good will to all men at Christmas time. Spend time praying about this post,
Then tell the Web site manager that you are spending time praying about it in your email requesting that the post be taken down. Tell the website manager that this would be a meaningful Christmas gift, to you if they carried out your expressed wish by taking down this post. Most Americans like Christianity, so using the God/Jesus card may help in this situation.

2. To get the Rid number, which you you need to take the post down right click your mouse over the sad face of our post, then write it down in an important place, like a book or a diary or calender. Some where you wont forget or lose.

3. The date of the rating.

4. The City and State you live in.

5. The internet service provider: ie, Fire fox

6. The computer you were using ie: Mac from 2009

7. Tell them that a doctor is threatening to sue you.

8. If you live on a low income, tell them that you live on a low income, and you cant afford legal expenses for a court case.

9. The name of the Website director is John Swapceinski. Try writing it addressing the letter to him, then slash / Whom it may concern.

10. If it doesnt work straight away, dont give up. Try writing to the Website director again on Christmas eve, Christmas day, boxing day. They may feel like being more generous at Christmas. If that doesnt work , try making your request on your birthday or Valentines day.

I hope this helps you, it worked for me.
Respectfully, Mary Blackrose

Hi hun, Check out #15 of

Hi hun,
Check out #15 of RMD's FAQ: http://php.ratemds.com/social/?q=node/9#1-6a

What is this Doctor's name?

What is this Doctor's name?

You could publish his or her takedown letter.

See the Electronic Freedom Foundation, Public Citizen, etc for help and advice. If what you said was truthful or opinion, you would likely prevail in any lawsuit.

A lawsuit just to shut you up is defensible in many states under Anti-SLAPP legislation, and, your legal fees, if you prevailed, could be paid by the plaintiff-doctor.

If you seriously fear that this provider will sue you, contact your homeowners insurance to add an umbrella liability policy, or PLUP, which can cover your defense (or most of it, but not the hell of a lawsuit(s)). The threat may not go away even if you are able to take down your review.

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