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The rating:
(color=blue)'Can't recommend this dr. Didn't listen to what I wanted and left me with a flat backside. Lacks artistry and is way overpriced. My advice? Visit 5 or 6 doctors, check all their before and after photos (not just the few good ones) and talk to previous patients.'(/color)
Unfortunately I've heard this happen many times with patients at Cosmos Clinic. It's such a shame they are still in practice after how many bodies they have left damaged. I have been watching Dr Ajaka's page for over a year and there has ben plenty more negative reviews which just mysteriously disappeared, apparently because of the ratemds 'algorithm' - very convenient for Ajaka. Especially seeing as it's pretty obvious it's actually the positive reviews that are fake.

And I completely agree that he lacks artistry!! He cut off curves on my body that were very necessary for me to have, I even had to TELL him before surgery that he must make sure not to cut off particular curves, which he completely dismissed and did everything we wasn't meant to. Honestly there is not one thing on my body that Ajaka interfered with that looks better. Everything he touched looks disgusting now and it can't be fixed. It's as if all he does is remove fat, without considering what the end result will look like. My skin is not attached to my muscle anymore, he damaged the tissue so that it hangs over my muscle and can be stretched out from my body. I don't even have cellulite - I have ripples. Deep lines through my saggy skin. It's horrific. I have the arse of an elderly woman, on a young fit girl's body.