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Does a providers profile change if a name change is submitted? In two instances, I have reviewed profiles of providers that I would not use. I noticed their names had been modified by adding or deleting an initial. I recall seeing negative reviews before. Does this name change somehow reset their profile and/or hide previous reviews?

It appears that very many

It appears that very many name and state changes were processed on a few select dates, often multiple times within each affected profile. Those I viewed as having been affected on those certain dates are also devoid of any reviews.

Profile changes have no

Profile changes have no effect on user-submitted reviews.


John- I have a question for

John- I have a question for you. A rating was flagged because clearly it was a personal vendetta against an individual and didn't really have to do with the practice. The site removed the wording of the rating but left the rating numbers on the site. It was pretty clear by what was written, that this person wrote against a certain individual and we can't even be sure if this person is even a patient. They said nothing about doctor/etc. Why wasn't the rating deleted in its entirety? Having a blank rating is worse because no one can tell why the person scored the way they did. Thank you for your time.

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