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(color=blue)'We spoke with Diana on the phone who gave an estimate for a tummy tuck and breast augmentation of approximately $8500. We had to pay $100 up front to meet the Dr. (who was very nice). In a car dealer like hustle you are move from room to room finally ending up in dianas office to "crunch the numbers". At this point we learned of all sorts of hidden fees. These fees made the total cost of the surgery over $16000 .... Yes $16000.... Up $7500 from the phone estimate. It cost me $100 and a wasted vacation day (had to take off to keep appointment) to visit the Dr.. I feel this is a scam .'(/color)
The price of 16,000 sounds right to me. Usually a breast augmentation is about 8,000 by itself. A tummy tuck would be approx another 8,000.