Ehlers Danlos Syndrome in Canada

My earlier post about Ehlers Danlos in Canada was removed when I tried to add symptoms that go along with the connective tissue disorder. If you have a chance to view the facebook page I've created with videos and information about the condition please pass it on to anyone you know that may have this or something that may have been diagnosed as fibromyalgia but doesn't quite fit. It's considered an "invisible disability" but the common belief of Drs is that "we'd know if we had someone sitting in front of us that had this". Unfortunately that's not true we look pretty normal. Its also argued that nothing can be done about EDS again that is not true. Prevention is invaluable to protecting joints and ligaments from injury that could result in permanent disability. Some cases of EDS are also life threatening so knowing the signs could save a life if precautions are taken.

Great video on Ehlers-Danlos

Great video on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Thanks for the education! Smiling

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