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(color=blue)'Awful experience! My normal pain management doctor was out of the country and his on call doctor was Dr Sacks. The first time I went to Dr Sacks, he looked over my paperwork under two minutes and was ready with a needle in hand and ready to go. I have never received injections before but I was open to it if it relieved my pain level. Since this was my first time here, Dr Sacks gave me only a weeks supply worth of pain meds. It thought that was ethical of him to not give me a full prescription but still a pain in the rear end. I made a follow-up appointment a week later. I waited in the waiting room over an hour and a half! Dr Sacks tried pulling the same BS he did the first time we met. Dr Sacks only wanted to give me one week worth of pain meds, and inject me once again. So, it appears that Dr Sacks just wants me to come back again and again for him to get his co-pays and keep his business flourishing. AWFUL EXPERIENCE - GO ANYWHERE ELSE !!'(/color)
This person was obviously just looking for drugs! Good for Dr. Sacks to stand up to him! Dr. Sacks is the best doctor I have ever seen!