Finding a family doctor in Mississauga

I have just set up a new practice in Mississauga. My number is 9052733777. I was under the impression that there was a need for family doctors in Mississauga but having trouble getting my message out. Do you have any ideas?

In light of College of

In light of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario information, original posting deleted.

Wow how nice to get such a

Wow how nice to get such a good news. In Mississauga Doctors do not want to accept new patients. I Moved from Scarborough 11 years ago and it took me 10 years to find THE VERY BEST PCP in Mississauga. IT was very hard to get my current PCP to accept me as his patient. My husband had to walk-in to his Clinic and BEG this Doctor to accept me as his patient. I am glad that, this Doctor has post a message on this forum. I will talk about this with my friends at work and get this message out to my friends. Thank you Doctor for spreading the word out.

I can't possibly imagine why

I can't possibly imagine why you'd figure you might have trouble getting your message out, not when Google returns two pages of hits pointing to recent announcements, from Canadian Desi to Red Flag Deals. Well, at least not save for that annoying RateMDs rating at the top of the list and that Hamilton Spectator article near the bottom of the second page.

Love your comment, your

Love your comment, your gentle sarcasm, Mic! Pity, there is no Like button !

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