Ontario must ban SLAPP suits to protect free speech

Other provinces have

Other provinces have legislated, and revoked anti-SLAPP legislation, such as BC. We found that libel would too often be protected where unwarranted. Libel law in Canada operates significantly differently from that in the US. Canada has not only free speech, but free expression embedded in its Constitution. The latter protects against things such as the oppression the New York City mayor committed against artists when they mocked city council.

Generally, lawsuits designed to shut people up don't go too far in the courts. Judges tend to be intolerant of such efforts.

This anti-SLAPP movement in Canada is being pushed by the Reformers (think Tea Party) who have removed all sorts of protections in Canada. Part of their free speech agenda was to revoke the country's hate legislation. It's now perfectly legal to do things in Canada along those lines which would not be tolerated in the US or other western countries.

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