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(color=blue)'Worst Doctor I have ever seen. I waited 1 hour at the clinic in New West. only to have her treat me rudely and then rush through the examine. She was condescending and in a bad mood and didn't make any notes. I cannot believe that this woman is a Doctor.'(/color)
I recently moved from Kelowna to the Coquitlam area and found Care Point Medical Clinic in Coquitlam. I was seen by Dr. Rosemary Sun and I can tell you she was extremely rude and made me very uncomfortable. I have been on this particular medication for many years and my blood work has been monitored closely by the doctors in Kelowna. I had been going to one medical clinic in Kelowna and all the doctors in there new my condition and the medication I am on. Dr. Sun mentioned to me that she has never seen anyone on this medication for this length of time and she even called the clinic in Kelowna to see if I was ever even on it. She re-entered the room I was in and had the audacity to tell me that the clinic in Kelowna never had any of my blood work. I felt my integrity was at jeopardy by her. I will never be back to this clinic and I would not recommend her to anyone.