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(color=blue)'Bottom Line: He comes off like a SALESMAN. I went to Dr. Arani's office a few weeks ago for an HPV treatment and wart removal, something that is of course uncomfortable. His secretaries on the phone would not discuss cost, saying that the doctor would discuss it with you. This is a classic sales technique. When I saw the doctor, his tone was: "Your situation is so bad, I can't do this for less than X amount of dollars." My situation wasn't that bad. My advice: TRY ANOTHER PLACE . Maybe he is knowledgeable, maybe he's even good. But he used SALES TECHNIQUES and came off like a USED CAR SALESMAN. You just get an icky feeling that he's all about sales. Bad vibe. As other people have commented, the Doctor makes you feel TERRIBLE about your condition to pressure you into treatment. Without really discussing your situation, he writes you up a bill and tells you to "sign here", just assuming you're going to agree to pay him THOUSANDS of dollars. Don't.'(/color)
I had the same feeling. He's the real life Dr. Nick Riviera of The Simpsons. There was something about him that says sleazy all over him. And his medical degree from some college in the Caribbeans didn't help.