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(color=blue)'This office was extremely unprofessional and rude! His "office assistant" was his wife and has absolutely no people skills or consideration for others concerns. I was given little direction to next step after a consultation, no notice to pre-op or surgery time or location until 2 days prior, when I called for the next availability. I had a lump removed from my neck. Dr. Dolynchuk said not to call for results, as they will only call if there was a problem. I explained my concern and that I would greatly appreciate a call or if I could call in a couple months for results. I called, after 3 months and they said it was fine. The response was so quick, I have a difficulty believing they even checked my file. I then followed up with an email and asked them to be empathetic to my concern and if they could respond via email to let me know the results. The response I received "lipoma". Nothing more. So after I "googled" Lipoma, I was at least relieved but dumbfounded by these events.'(/color)
I am sorry that you feel this way AM.

We try to fit patients in as a schedule permits.
Sometimes information is received last minute as surgery time becomes available.

As for your pathology we do not give out information over the internet for privacy and security reasons.

We can say that your results were negative.
You are always welcome to come in and pick up pathology results personally.
You could have asked in advance to have results sent to referring doctors office as well.

I am sorry that were dumbfounded and instructions were not clear for you to understand.

Our new policy will clearly state patient procedures to follow when requesting pathology results.