Is there a decent pain clinic in Boston, MA area?

What the F is going on?! Has it gotten absolutely impossible to find a pain clinic or doctor in the Boston, MA area who is not afraid to write prescriptions for pain relieving narcotics/opioids for any significant length of time?! How is a person in what they preceive to be excruciating chronic pain supposed to live a semi-comfortable/tolerable life? What the hell is our federal government doing to our doctors and us...and why? I am scared to death...literally! Is there anyone out there who is with me on this, or have I just lost my mind? I feel like I'm trapped in a day/nightmare. I think I'm slipping down the rabbit hole. Is there anyone down there who can offer any all?

I recently had some dental

I recently had some dental work done. First time in 10 years I asked for pain medication (or anything for that matter) and I was denied! Told to take motrin, why bother, lol

I knew the drs were like that about prescribing, but the dentists are now too...

The Faulkner has a pain clinic, I don't know how good it is though.

The Spaulding:

FDA Proposal To Curb

FDA Proposal To Curb Painkiller Overdose Deaths Would Add Burdens For Pain Patients

FDA and Opioids: What's Going On Here?

Yeah, the painkiller thing is

Yeah, the painkiller thing is absolutely ridiculous. I'm young- 22- but I still have terrible chronic pain. Thing is, I deliberately ask not to be put on narcotics because the withdrawals are WAY too extreme and awful for me. They're much worse for me than other people. Even still, doctors hesitate to prescribe me any pain medication at all. They just keep telling me to take Advil, Tylenol, ibuprofen...none of which do a thing. As well, I went to a pain clinic in Boston and was essentially told that there was nothing they could (read: would) do for me. They refused to prescribe me any medications that are common for fibromyalgia, yet...they told me I had fibro. But they also refused to actually diagnose me with it, or put in my chart that they thought it was fibro, no matter how much I asked. They also told me to just "exercise more" and "walk more" and "be active." Even though I, you know, already do those things as much as possible, despite the crippling pain and fatigue and all the other symptoms I deal with on a daily basis.

My dentist had no problem giving me vicodin for pain after I had my wisdom teeth out, though.

After the pain clinic doctors, my PCP also treated me the same way for almost 2 years. I have finally started seeing another doctor who has FINALLY formally diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, and has prescribed me a tricyclic antidepressant to try and combat it, but so far it's not so helpful.

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