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(color=blue)'I am A high priority patient that has been put at the bottom of a useless pile. 99% of the people that see the pain dr are not really in pain, they are just there for a disability cheque. I on the other hand have to suffer because of those people who like to use up resources needlessly. At this rate I will never get in, and I am not sure I even want to be the guinea pig that will be prodded with all types of needles and weird****tales. My back is so crooked at the torso, and so far nobody can kill my pain or make things right, now I am waiting in line dying of excruciating pain. I cannot lay down, sit or stand without crying in pain, I really need help now. These dr want people to remain sick and coming back, they give you all of these new drugs that are on trail and wind up screwing people up even more and I hear through the grapevine that this clinic is one of the worst. Nerve block lol:) Eastern medicine, sharkfin is junk. Not sure I even want Ong to see me, I know i'll be worse.'(/color)
This is an inappropriate post. Who are you to judge the patients or doctor Ong if you have not seen her? How can you place yourself in priority above others? Her waitlist I understand these days is not as long as it was when I waited to be seen by Dr. Ong-3 years long-which was well worth the wait. After several years of her care now, the patients that succeed are the ones motivated to get better under her care. If you are indeed in the amount of pain that you describe then get to the Emergency so you can receive immediate treatment. Dr. Ong has a strict narcotic drug policy so do not think you getting into see her is going to automatically relieve your pain.