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(color=blue)'I would not recommend Dr. Kim to anyone..I had a BA in March 2010 (paid $ 7500), immediatly capsulized and had a redo BA in May 2010 in which I was charged an additional $3600.... Now Iam exoeriencing the same problm 8 mos later and he wants to charge me $5K to fix it again... HELL NO!!! Does he expect for the patient to keep paying for his mistakes? Any "Good" Dr would stand behind his work and fix it and not try to bank off his own mistake. I am sooo upset with him! I have seeked a second opinion from another Dr and would rather pay a new Dr to fix Dr Kim's work then to give my money to Dr. Kim again. He is a joke! Pretty sad that his own office employee is experiencing the same problem and is having hers redone next month. I think he purposly makes mistake so that he can charge you a second time and make even more money off you. Cant beleive he thinks its exceptable to put me through a third surgery in less then a year for the same problem. If you are smart..STAY AWAY!'(/color)
I was just browsing this site and came across this comment and I'm sorry to butt in, but I just had to say...What you're experiencing is actually not due to surgical error. What you're experiencing is Capsular Contracture and it is the single most common complication of BA surgery. Approximately 30% of first time patients get it and surgeon's skill is not really a factor (though it can be in some cases). In order to protect itself from this foreign object, your body automatically creates a capsule around the implant. For unknown reasons, some peoples' bodies react more defensively to the implants and the capsule begins to harden and firm around the implant. In some cases a lot of massage, compression and homeopathic remedies can be used to soften the capsule but in other instances, surgery is required to fix it and unfortunately there is no guarantee that it won't come back. Certain ethnic populations are more prone to this type of hardening scar tissue than others (Asians, Pacific Islanders, and more). It is very unfortunate and it really sucks that this happened to you but try to consider that it is a risk that we knowingly take with this surgery. Any research you do ahead of time will show that this is a common complication. I hope you're able to find a solution that works for you and that you can be rid of this annoying condition. Best of luck to you.