A few theories for the high cost of American health care

An interesting set of theories by John Green for the higher cost of health care in the United States, compared to several Commonwealth countries having national health care systems.

His First 4 Sentences Are Interesting. The 5th Blew My Mind. And Made Me A Little Sick

health care costs here are

health care costs here are ridiculous. I am uninsured now. when I lost my insurance, I had to pick very carefully which medications I could afford to continue taking. thankfully, my fantastic pcp is also working with me to help get those prescription costs down, and by minimizing as much as possible how often I need to see him. of course, any type of tests or hospital visits are out of the question.I know other people who cannot see a doctor at all, let alone get medication they need. there are elderly people in my area who have to choose between buying groceries or getting their medication. (my sister is a nurse and works with the elderly). health care is a huge problem.

The real problem is that our

The real problem is that our government and public health authorities are making us sick, and drug, grain, sugar manufacturers are pouring money into making sure it stays that way.

Saying our drugs and procedures cost too much is avoiding the fact that they shouldn't be common or typical of what passes for "health care" when it's really the product of policies and practices that sicken and injure us.

I talked to a podiatrist for

I talked to a podiatrist for 15 minutes and got a shot of cortisone. Total bill $650.

True, health care cost is

True, health care cost is truly hilarious lately. Medicare over billing is in the gray area between legitimate treatment and Medicare fraud. However, there is a Catch-22 involved in tracking it down and putting a stop to it. Each instance of over billing costs an average $43, but reviewing a claim costs $30 to $55. Health care occupies about $500 billion of the national budget, dwarfed only by Social Security and defense.

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