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(color=blue)'I went to see him years ago and got told i had depression i have since found out i am Iodine deficient!!! i am going to write to him and demand a refund'(/color)
I went to see Peter Pullan years ago for a specialist opinion on my Hashimotos. Told him I had been on the net 'researching' my condition seeking answers. Was told quite abruptly that I was depressed and needed to go on antidepressants. Maybe this is how he responds to people who pro-actively advocate for their own good health. Refused to accept Pullan's diagnosis as I felt that my thyroid condition wasn't being controlled adequatley with the level of thyroxine I was taking and felt that the way I was feeling was a result of this. Refused to pay the hugely expensive bill, saw another doctor, increased my medication and felt bnetter in no time. Would never set foot in Pullan's surgery again.