Rating Feedback for Dr. Stephens (1564620)

The rating:
(color=blue)'Dr. Stephens gave me Epinephrine after being told both verbally and in writing that I cannot tolerate it. I ended up in the hospital where they had to stop my heart and restart it again which incurred 3800 in hospital bills. All I asked was for Dr. Stephens to reimburse me for these bills. I never got a response from him. He sent my request to his insurance company which avoided my calls and didn't send a final reply until a month before the statue of limitations was up. I was left with a half way done root canal which I finally got fixed a month later by another doctor who had no trouble numbing me correctly. His neglect left me terrified to see a dentist not to mention the many medical bills.'(/color)
It used to be that when patients had a complaint, they would write to the Peer Review committee or the state Dental Board. This would have provided an intelligent discussion to clear up misunderstandings for the benefit of both parties. These days, the dissatisfied party goes to the Internet.

This patient had an untreated medical condition that she failed to report on her medical history. Her agressive letter writing prompted the Dental Board to review the case twice and both times found that my treatment was 'above the standard of care.'

She and her husband's further threats and demands in writing caused my insurance carrier to pay her. This entire episode occurred over a three year period and was emotionally and physically exhausting for me. A contributing factor to ending a three year engagement.

This patient is now taking medication for her ailment and no longer has seizures at home, as she would prior to seeing me. I would like her to be grateful and move on with her life.;