Rating Feedback for Dr. Weinstein (2484025)

The rating:
(color=blue)'If there is good side to Dr. Weinstein I am not aware of it. There is a great disparity in the comments here and that in itself is troublesome. As the psychiatrist of 7W at North York General he showed no care, compassion, or concern for my friend who suffers from severe depression, anxiety and agrophobia. He was rude, abrupt, impatient always too busy to answer her questions or to talk to her for a few minutes. The entire mental health unit (except for a very few individuals) at the hospital, in our experience (she has been admitted on several occassions over the year) has displayed a total lack of compassion and professionalism. Mental health care is dismal at best and I am waiting for people to wake up to this reality and stop believing our health care is world class. It is not in any way. I called and left two messages for Dr. Weinstein enquiring about my friend's care and he ignored my request and did not call back. This speaks volumes about his attitude. A failing grade.'(/color)
I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience. I'm the one who left one of the positive reviews below, and I can assure you it is a legitimate one. However, I qualified it by writing that I only saw him once.
With me, he was not rude, abrupt, or impatient at all. Quite to the contrary.
As for your calling to enquire about your friend's care and receiving no response, a doctor is not permitted to discuss patients with other people. That's a privacy issue.