Rating Feedback for Dr. Warren (2040841)

The rating:
'A good surgeon for sure and provides much enthusiasm for procedures done, however, personally when my revision did not produce anticipated results, the feeling I got when in for follow up appointment, was totally DISMISSIVE! He stated to come back in a few months, for another look,and he was gone--no opportunity to talk about results or lack there of. On further follow up, he got quite short, almost contemptuous because a previously requested procedure was revisited, and I had questions about the initial surgery/results. Needless to say I felt very uncomfortable with the follow up. Whereas the atmosphere with the initial surgery was great, I definitely felt as though I was a "thorn in the side" on the last follow up. Basically you, the client need to know what YOU want, and ask what will be done if things don't work out BEFORE surgery, because YOU ARE WORTH IT!'
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