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'Dr. McCance was not only willing to take on my challenging lumbar revision surgery, but proved exceptionally capable in overcoming those challenges, with remarkable results. My original lumbar surgery was performed in 2002 by a top- rated specialist at a world-class orthopedics hospital. The results were quite poor and degraded over time. They included a fusion failure at L5/S1, which I did not discover for several years. By the time I met Dr. McCance, I could barely walk. He was extremely thorough in his work-up, and equally meticulous in performing my very lengthy and complex revision surgery, with full re-instrumentation across four vertebral levels. I could not be more thrilled with the results. Iâ??m pain-free and med-free. For the first time in many years, I am standing straight, walking tall and feeling quite blessed. Dr. McCance has given me an invaluable gift. I will always be grateful.'
After meeting Dr. McCance and having revision surgery to prior fudion I can Barely walk.