Rating Feedback for Dr. Shahangian (1695576)

The rating:
'1.Beware of dentists' offices that offer botox and restylene injections, as this office does.2.I was told my last crown was going to be covered by my insurance. Bad news:it wasn't( I had Medi-cal).3.I got a crown done by her. It is too short per other dentists I have seen.They couldn't believe how bad it was. 4.She chipped my new too short crown while extracting a cracked tooth.She later blamed it on teeth grinding at night.Right, at the base of the crown where the gum line is. 5.Her lab that makes crowns, is in LA. She asked me to drive up there to do a color match.I did. The lab still did not match the color properly.She wanted me to drive to LA again to have it re-matched.Shady lab too. At that point,I stopped seeing her. She tried to charge me for the crown anyways & her receptionist kept calling and calling me, wondering why I hadn't contacted them again. They tried to fleece me,a single parent student on financial aid, knowing that I did not have $ to take action. DO NOT GO HERE.'
You MUST be speaking of the wrong office as we DO NOT offer Botox or restylane injections!!! In addition, we do not and NEVER HAVE used a lab in LA....GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT before you ruin an offices' ratings!