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'Dr Hani is super good,kind, helpful and supportive, his staff are excellent, he is very patient to listen to all my questions and answer them, his assistant Susan is very very kind and friendly, Dr Akouri Accepted me only on my 36th weeks of pregnancy, and he was so good when I had to make a C Section, , and he still supporting me after almost 2 years of my delivery, as I got Hashimoto ( thyroid inactive) and he is following up on my case to keep my hormones levels good to prevent me of miscarriage in case I want to be pregnant soon ! I'm so blessed to know him and his staff and I can't think him and his staff much for the tremendous efforts , proud knowing him'
That is a great review. I am trying to get in contact with Dr. Akoury as i am in my 35 week and just moved to Toronto. Do you know how can i contact him or his secretary? I am so desperate to talk to get in contact with him. Thanks