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The rating:
'Dr. Heran diagnosed me with a cerebral aneurysm and performed the coiling procedure on me this past August. Other comments I have read complain of Dr. Heran leaving their appointments and being called to the hospital. They need to understand that he is a very busy surgeon and gets called out on emergencies. This is one great thing about him, he goes above and beyond in emergencies to save lives, I was one of the many that he saved. They must understand that if they are not in extreme need that Dr. Heran will reschedule. This does not bother me one bit because if he did not prioritize this way I wouldn't be alive. He was very thorough and explained everything to my family, he also responded immediately in emergency situations and ordered many scans to be sure everything was taken care of. I am very glad that I was in the hands of Dr.Heran and I fully trust him with any future treatments I may need. Very intelligent doctor who is a true hero in my eyes.'
I couldn't agree more. I have read about his office staff being brutal,his lateness, his bedside mannor being bad (which I didn't find). I really couldn't care less about all of that crap. Dr. Heron is great and in demand at the hospital. Two out of my three surgeries were delayed and I didn't care, he wouldn't have delayed me if he thought he couldn't!! I had three unruptured aneurysms and he fixed them all. He is truly great!!