Need facial surgeon in Toronto (droopy downturned eyes turn into almond shaped eyes, I am 26)

Hi all. Can someone suggest a good doctor for me please (i am very picky and want to make sure that i get what i am asking for).
I have droopy downturned eyes and always look tired and cant wear my hair down, and always have ponytale. I would like to change
it to almond shaped eyes and was told that canthplasty or canthoplexy need to be performed.

Please let me know if its the right procedure and it i can achieve good results and if you know good doctor in Toronto, Canada?
I am 26 yars old.



Hi KatarinaS, I am sure it is

Hi KatarinaS,

I am sure it is very hard to suggest Doctors or advice in this kind of matters. The best way is to check into Doctor's rating on this same site and find a good Doctor according to the reviews. Reviews are very important. I had also asked for a couple of advices in this site and never got any response at all. Good luck and hope this helps.

Thanks a lot for your advice!

Thanks a lot for your advice! I found 3 doctors on this website and will try to visit them all

Incase you haven't found a

Incase you haven't found a dr.

Dr. Sandra Voice at Scarborough General Hospital (416 289 7300) is a good cosmedic surgeon
I've been to her and find her to be very good.

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