Rating Feedback for Dr. Corkum (77832)

The rating:
'While Dr. Corkum is an expert in his field, his bedside manner leaves much to be desired. He is mostly retired and perhaps he feels that the emotional state of his patients is not his concern. I have spoken to several other women who were treated as severely as myself, often leaving in tears. If I had to be under the knife I would want him to operate. Any face to face contact is met with anxiety and dread on my part. Total lack of sensitivity and seemingly uncaring. This may sound like harsh criticism, but many people only encounter Dr. Corkum at very delicate and emotional times in their lives. I believe he should stick to only treating patients who are unconsious.'
Please contact the NS College of Physicians & Surgeons & file a complaint. What I'm reading on this site is totally unacceptable behaviour, bordering on criminal. He needs to be investigated & his licence revoked or suspended, as the College sees fit. My GP recommended him but after reading all the negative reviews there's no way I'll step into his office. http://www.cpsns.ns.ca/ComplaintsandDisciplinaryProcess.aspx