Rating Feedback for Dr. Winer (2781115)

The rating:
'I started following Mr. Winer on the radio as a way to become more educated about natural health. Despite his many years in the field, it is hard to believe that he has no empathy for his patients. He is so rude on the radio and just likes talking about himself. How can a man who preaches natural health get so fat? It is also curious that virtually every response from him requires the purchase of one or many 'supplements' but no prices are given. I am in serious doubt of this man's authenticity.'
He explained on the air that he got fat from eating one large meal per day consisting of a gallon of orange juice, a loaf of bread, some veggies and fruits and noodles. You're right though he is very rude and interrupts people all the time. He claims to be educated but his education is severley dated and not in line with current scientific thinking. For example he always talks about his blue pie charts which show that "The vast majority of children getting diseases were vaccinated." What he fails to mention is that the vast majority of children are vaccinated. He also mentions many misleading things like vaccines have mercury (most don't and if they do it is ethyl mercury which your body can process versus toxic methyl mercury), anti-freeze(some have glycol which is used in non-toxic antifreeze), aborted human fetal tissues (one vaccine in the 60's was grown on an agar made of embryonic tissues and subsequent vaccines have come from a cloned cell line from that initial growth), etc.