Need help ASAP... Father needs a referral to Ortho and family doc wont do it.

How do we get my roomates Father into a specialist?
His GP wont give him a referral because he said its constipation... This man hasnt been able to walk for almost 2 months now because his back and hip hurts so bad.
He's 84 yrs old and needs desperately to get into someone that will order an MRI on his back. We have the Dr lined up but he needs referral.
Any ideas....

Request a second opinion from

Request a second opinion from a different doctor.

See the following:

1) Need a referral to see a

1) Need a referral to see a specialist.

2) Find a new GP or go to a walk in clinic. This GP is not kind enough to care for the elderly. Shame on this GP.

3) By giving an Epson Salt bath helps a bit.

4) Some Doctors think that 84 is too old and they do not care. I hope they would not do this to their parents or grandparents.

5) Maybe get him to the hospital Emergency . Then he might be able to get all the help including MRI/ Xray/CT scan done.

Hope this helps.

I work in orthopaedics in

I work in orthopaedics in Ontario. We do indeed require a referral, but a walk-in clinic or emergency room/urgent care clinic can certainly provide an adequate referral. I work in a fracture clinic, and our turn around time from receipt of referral to first appointment is extremely short. However, I should warn you that for a chronic condition, such as that which your father seems to be suffering, the wait time can be a year or more. There's not really a way around that, unfortunately - the number of patients being referred is incredibly high compared to the number of physicians qualified to assess your father. An MRI date can also take a while to obtain, and if further treatment/surgery is required the wait list can again be a long time - sometimes a year or more. It's a very frustrating process for those needing orthopaedic treatment who don't fall under the fracture/trauma category. Your father needs a second opinion, as another poster suggested. I would recommend either urgent care or emergency, as walk-in clinics are often reluctant to get involved with long-term care patients and are often unable to get the results a patient may need. Unfortunately, the quick results he requires may just not happen.

I think Teri forgot to

I think Teri forgot to mention that she's in WA State.

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