Rating Feedback for Dr. KELLY (2646000)

The rating:
'Spent $150. I saw her for severe damage that had been done to my skin from fractional laser. She barely spent 10 minutes with me. She was NOT caring or compassionate for the trauma I had been through. She interrupted me over and over again. She was impatient. Did not answer questions thoroughly. Worst of all he response to my situation was "give it time" and "in the future consider more fractional laser to fix it." Why would I or anyone ever even consider doing the very thing that damaged my face, again, as though that would improve it? It doesn't take a genius to figure out that what caused the damage to begin with would only cause FURTHER DAMAGE to precious skin!'
I am sorry you experienced a problem with laser treatment at another center by a different physician. And I apologize you did not get the answers you were seeking. Not every problem has an easy answer but I would be happy to talk to you further. I hope you contact me so I can try to help.