What Does Your Doctor Charge for Each Page of Lab Tests?

Just curious. If you are one of those patients who asks for copies of lab tests, specialist reviews, etc. what does your doctor charge per page? In answering, please state whether you are from the USA or from Canada.

Hi Rtrp9, My Doctor's office

Hi Rtrp9,

My Doctor's office charges me $1.00 per page for my medical reports. I am from Ontario, Canada. But I do not mind paying the $1.00 because I get very good service from my Doctor and the front line staff. I just found this new PCP less than a year ago. So far it is going very good. My Doctor takes care of me like a son would take care of a mother. I feel that I am very honoured to have a very knowledgeable PCP. It is very hard to find the best Doctors. I can count myself very lucky and I am willing to pay even $5.00 per page.

Rtrp9, to be honest with you, I agree with most of your opinion about our Doctors in Canada. Sometimes I have felt helpless until I found my current Doctor. I do not have a medical background and I totally depend on my Doctors' to advice me on how and what I should do whenever I need medical help.

Please keep up your good postings, For sure we have mix feelings about our Doctors all over the world. Not everybody will or have to agree with everything we say.

Thank you, take care and god bless.

Canada. Hospital records:


Hospital records: $0
Lab results: $0 since I get them through My eHealth
CT/MRI/X-ray: $0. He provides a copy of the results on your following appointment.
Individual copies: $0

My psychiatrist is also a zero-fee doctor, likely because I see him on an outpatient basis through the hospital.

I have yet to have to actually pay a dime for any of the paperwork I request or which has been provided. I recognize however that I am an extraordinarily lucky case in having zero fees, as my GP's office could charge me $1.53 total for asking for 10 pages or less if they needed to.

US: I recently paid approx.


I recently paid approx. $10 for my entire chart with about 20 years worth of information.

Generally the doc gives me copies of test results while he goes over them with me and does not charge anything.

Disc of MRI’s, xrays, $0

I have had to ask for copies of my MRI, but not charged.
My daughter who just had an MRI for torn ACL and meniscus was told to wait a few minutes for the disc of MRI, so she could bring it to her surgeon. I like having possession of my disc to pass on to the next doctor as it makes me feel in control and an active participant in my health care.

My sister has a profile online which allows her access to all her records. When she has a test, results are sent to her at the same time it is sent to her doctor. I love that.

Thanks for your support

Thanks for your support folks. Since I didn't post the costs under this particular section (but rather in another) I'll do it now so it's all under one title. Here are a few Alberta charges:

Depends on where you get it. Some labs will give you first copy for free, but most hospitals charge $30 to $35 for each CD.
If you say the copy is for your doctor, it's free. Those honest enough to say it's for themselves pay.

The most efficient offices charge from nothing to about 45 cents. (Believe the zero prices are mainly for those of low income, which is wonderful).
It takes only about 10 seconds for doctors in efficient clinics to both find and print off a report, and they have them at their fingertips 99.5% of the time.
Other clinics charge $20 yearly for copies of all tests along with a binder. That's sweet too, and I think reasonable.
Most charge 25 to 45 cents a page.
Others do the same but it can take weeks to get the files due to disorganization and can be ultra frustrating and sometimes dangerous.
A few clinics charge $20 for a set of lab results, with most being only 1 or 2 pages, but occasionally up to five or six.
At a wild guess, I would say that averages about $15 a page. (Had guessed less previously but then realized that most tests were only one page)

Some Canadian seniors can't afford copies of their lab tests and yes, I have heard them complain.
For a 6-cent copy and a 15 cent CD, aren't these prices way out of line!

Costs for hospital reports appears to change each time an inquiry is made. The most recent inquiry prices were as follows:
$25 at each hospital for up to 20 pages, and 25 cents for each page after that.
Most records are archived after 5 years, so I haven't yet checked on how much it would be to obtain archived records.
Copies of X-rays or MRIs on CDs, would have to be obtained separately from "Access and Disclosure" technicians (which I haven't yet inquired about) but would probably amount to about $30 or #35 each.

If you wanted to upgrade your results each year and get a just a single page from every hospital and a single CD from just one hospital, it appears that you would have to pay a minimum of $125 plus at least $30 for the CD, or in other words, a total of $155 plus $7.50 taxes or
a total of $162.60 for the five pages and a single CD!

Pricing is so complex that even staff doesn't give the same answers from day to day. Each department in each hospital gives another story.
I always believed hospitals all tied into the same computerized system. So far I haven't yet inquired about why they can't incorporate one pricing sheet for all 5 hospitals and post it publicly. Are they ashamed, or is the gouging war too great?

Thanks to those who contributed. I hope you and others will contribute more to this thread and others. These answers in this thread are more fascinating than the news and I can hardly wait for more. Hopefully the thread will continue to grow and present a more interesting picture yet. This site, unlike any other, has incredible potential to improve the medical system if assisted also by the users.

Hi Rtrp9, I would like to add

Hi Rtrp9,
I would like to add the hospital cost for archive copies is $0.00. Last month I called the hospital for my medical reports which I had 3 procedures done 14 years ago. This is in Toronto, Ontario. The Hospital did not charge me a penny. That was nice of them to fax it to my PCP for free.

I am not sure what is the charged for MRI/CT disks. During my next visit to my Doctor, I will check it with my Doctor and let you know what is the cost of those disks.

Keep up your good postings and take care, God bless.
Thank you.

I'm in the US. My doctor

I'm in the US. My doctor doesn't charge me for copies of anything. In fact, he always scans my test results into my electronic file, then he gives me the original. I don't know what the hospital here charges.

Yes, we have some sweeties

Yes, we have some sweeties like that here too, which is why I always tell patients, before selecting any doctor, to check the price of a photocopied sheet. Those who charge a lot may be more interested in money than in patients. I don't know what the big deal is where some get away in Alberta with charging $10 and/or $20 for just one single lab sheet.

I do not agree with the

I do not agree with the statement that the Doctor charge for each page of Lab Tests. Instead, the clinic authorities or the hospital is doing the same. I think the charge for each page on the Lab test is very costly and is expecting reduce in the price.

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