Rating Feedback for Dr. Williams (2749268)

The rating:
'Dr. Williams has one of the best bed side manners I have witnessed in a medical doctor. I work with many physicians and clinicians, and it is incredible how kind, warm and supportive he is. Seeing Dr. Williams in action as renewed my faith in the medical field. He is a wonderful man and physician, and I hope more women are inclined to visit with this doctor. He is very thorough and works within the most modern framework. His diagnostics are comprehensive and his colleagues are just as impressive. He obviously understands the sensitive nature and fear that accompanies OBGYN issues. He has excellent ratings and he works out of one of the nicest hospitals in So Cali. Los Robles is waaaaaaaay nicer than UCLA. I truly feel that this is a man who believes in helping women who are facing certain challenges. The only thing I think should be improved is the fish video in the waiting room. I feel that it could be rotated to include some other themes.'
It was an honor to have you entrust me with your healtcare and I am delighted with your perfect outcome! I look forward to being a part of your health management for years to come...