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'I went to Dr. Nayak for some form of facial filler. After discussing my various options, we decided on Juvederm since it's supposed to last a year. The areas I was most interested in having filled were my forehead and a vertical crease in the tip of my nose. He told me he doesn't do forehead or nose, but thought I would be very happy with having my tear troughs done. I decided to have that done as well as a few areas in my cheeks and jawline. It came to a little over $2,000. Within four days, to my surprise it was gone. I looked into how this could happen, if possibly certain individuals could absorb it at a rapid rate or it could somehow escape through the pores. All the doctors said it's practically impossible and the only reason results like this could occur would be due to flaws in the technique that was used. I'm unsure what to think, but I'm left disappointed.'
This is Dr Nayak- I am sorry to hear you were disappointed, and even more sorry that you have not contacted me or anyone at my office to express your concerns. We have a strong desire to satisfy every patient, would still welcome the opportunity to please you with appropriate results. I cannot imagine that there was truly no effect after four days. I doubt technique or filler dissolving or exuding through pores- we inject more Juvederm than any other practice in the Midwest, and simply haven't seen any patient have no effect at all. Again, please contact us, and we'll do our best to provide you with the value you deserve.