#15 upper molar, root canal vs extraction

I had a crown put on this tooth (old filling was cracked, no pain) a few months ago, it's been bothering me ever since, a dull ache...getting worse lately. Pain waking me up at night.
So, I went back to the dentist, he couldn't find anything wrong, so they referred me to a "root canal specialist" who after more xrays and much poking and prodding told me I need a root canal or extraction pronto, I have lousy insurance so it would cost me close to $1000.

First of all, I don't like this dentist and the office was cold and creepy.
He already told me I would only need motrin or asa afterwards, in other words no pain meds!

I usually try to save my teeth, but I am leaning toward extraction, I can barely see this tooth even with a small mirror...there is a bridge in good condition under where the missing tooth would be. I am of a mature age and have never had a root canal.

Any thoughts? Any dentists out there?

PS: First I'm going to wait and see if it just goes away, the pain/discomfort is not constant, but the other problem is drs won't prescribe pain meds anymore even if you REALLY need them. I've heard horror stories about root canals and chronic pain.
In the meantime I'll do some research.

I have had a few root canals.

I have had a few root canals. The dentist used novacaine and it didn't hurt. After it was done, I didn't have any pain, except my jaw ached from keeping it open so long (I have TMJ). Perhaps you could wait, and see what happens, but be careful, as dental infections can be nasty and very painful. Can you get a second opinion from a different dentist? Also, I'm not sure if you've tried it, but clove oil works very well for tooth pain. I don't know if any of that helps you, but I do hope you feel better and can get it all worked out.

I'm thinking of getting

I'm thinking of getting another opinion...

I had assumed my regular dentist could do it, I wasn't comfortable with the one she referred me to.

Trouble is, I can't afford to go running all over the place.

I'll see how it goes and make a decision soon.


I picked up my xray and got

I picked up my xray and got another opinion this morning.
What a difference a nice dr that takes the time to explain things, and shows a little empathy, can make.
So, I've scheduled the root canal for early next week... unless I chicken out Smiling

Plus, the cost was different, when in doubt getting a second opinion is not a bad idea.

Glad to hear you got a second

Glad to hear you got a second opinion. Smiling It's not so bad, you'll see! Let us know how it goes Smiling

@Puzzle, Root canal done, no

@Puzzle, Root canal done, no complications.
You were right, thanks again for your support.

That was quick. I am so glad

That was quick. I am so glad everything went well for you. I have never had a root canal, so could not contribute anything useful.

I have a leaky filling that needs to be replaced. It’s not bothering me. I can still floss, but I imagine if I don’t take care of it soon I may need a root canal.

The thing was causing me pain

The thing was causing me pain so I had to decide fast.
I found a very good odontist and it didn't hurt, took an hour and a half.
However he had to drill a tiny hole through a crown (he saved it), but now the crown needs a little restoration work asap.
I read this article after: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/02/18/dangers-of-root-canaled-teeth.aspx

So, if you have to have a root canal, make sure you evaluate all your options.
I'm not going to ruminate about it, I'm sure there are people that don't have any trouble with them too...I hope *sigh*

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