I would suggest to anyone who files a complaint not to name any witness they ask you to name in the complaint.
My eye witness would not give me a written statement and it turned out the doctor involved was actually her doctor. Another witness also went silent.

Secondly, I would suggest that if you are in pain and your body looks disfigured do not trust that your radiology reports are accurate or truthful. After the injury tests may be done but do not be surprised if they come back as normal. Look to see if an "addendum" has been done on the radiology report. If it has the words addendum it is not the original report. Reports with an "addendum" are only supposed to be changed to add additional information or for correction not to change the report to make it look like an original report. They have the original and you don't. If you come across many changed reports you may want to consider concealment of damage or injuries is happening and I would suggest even going out of the country somewhere to get the tests.
I came across 10 radiology reports in my records that have the words" addendum" written on the reports.
Don't fall pray to this and subject yourself to tests that will not amount to much. Get the damage assessed someplace else to find out the truth as I had to do.

Thirdly, do not hand over any evidence to any lawyer or College. Instead given them copies of everything. Evidence has a way of vanishing. You may be told to bring in your best evidence and next thing you know the x-ray has vanished.
Also, do not be surprised if your case is sat on and then dropped when the statue of limitations is getting close.

When including a witness into

When including a witness into any sort of complaint, it is simply prudent to first obtain their statement in writing, preferably pursuant to being given a list of questions and contained in an affidavit.

Why would anyone hand over evidence to the defending party's legal counsel or the tribunal in a complaint? Original documents need only be produced during a tribunal.

A statute of limitations should not affect a complaint or other process initiated within the limitation period.

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