Can we give bad reviews to the state dental society and dental board members?

When I got butched 8 years ago the VT State Dental Society would not answer my letters. I e-mailed everyone on the website and got no answers either. I finally got the director on the phone and he only told me to file a complaint with the state borad of dental examiners. I did that and they waited 18 months before dismissing my complaint with no explanation. They let that butcher go on butchering people for several years before he finaly retired.

Wow,that sucks! Glad to hear

Wow,that sucks! Glad to hear that the "butcher" has retired.

Jonny73 wrote: Wow,that

Jonny73 wrote:

Wow,that sucks! Glad to hear that the "butcher" has retired.

No thanks to the board of examiners. It seems to me that they exist to protect dentists more than the public. The board is made up mostly of dental professionals - 7 dentists/hygensist vs 2 non-dentists. The dentists are going to protect other dentists and leave the public at risk of getting butchered. That's why it is important to expose the bad ones on sites like this. I think the board that protects the butchers should also be exposed.

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