Rating Feedback for Dr. GOLDMAN (2609581)

The rating:
'I think he has no clue what he's talking about for one he never seen me and he is telling my Dr I didn't need surgery I just need a manulation on my right shoulder you have even seen me and now you say you agree with my Dr I do need surgery and manlaption and to have my arm in traction for 24 he and the pt a ha ha HD a what a quack my Dr hasn't never heard of this treatment and he's a pathetic surgery for many years and he consulted with another Dr he never heard of that treatment you said I need how can you suggest that if you never ever seen me too poor Dr if you real are Dr'
i recently seen dr goldman also i agree with you my visit was due to having surgery for tennis elbow he doesnt seem to know much other than being in workers comps back pocket.ive had to fight workers comp all the way on this had to get a lawyer before they would approve the surgery.ive swung a hammer for ten years for same roofing contractor just to wear out my elbow and wrist which is diagnosed with carpa tunnel.just for goldman to say during his evaluation i was not attempting my best or so say i was supposed to be faking my pain.he also said inhis report that there is no way the carpa tunnel accured from swing the hammer.he in my opinion is no dr but a worker comp lier.thank you and good luck