Rating Feedback for Dr. Montag (2643456)

The rating:
'I would never refer Dr. Montag to my worst enemy. She is awful along with her staff. Doesn't take responsibility for her mistakes and in turn makes you pay for them. I have now had 3 breast ruptures and 4 surgeries all less than 7 years. She originally overfilled my implants with out my permission then when it ruptured replaced the ruptured one and reduced the other one to match, since she had overfilled them to begin with. Every 3 years I had another rupture, w a total of 3. All in which I paid 100 to buy premier warranty and she kept that and never sent it off to the warranty co making it so I had to pay god awful amounts of money to get my boobs fixed. Then when I went into her office for my last check up she was looking at both breasts and said they looked great, which they were 1 inch off center and she only had redone one breast. My breasts ruptured due to overfilling, folding (to go through nipple) and not placing correctly as well as being too rough w the implant. NEVER GO HERE'
was there any action you could have taken, lawsuit, ect?