Rating Feedback for Dr. Parker (1384009)

The rating:
'This is a poor excuse of a Dr. (in my opinion). A lot to write with not a lot of space so in a nutshell. He never told me until 2 weeks before my surgery that he was no longer with his partner (the one i intended to have my reduction done with). So he convinced me he was capable of doing the job. BIG MISTAKE. Not only did they come out 2 different sizes, my stitches underneath both breasts wouldn't heal and started to ooze and became areas of open flesh. After he saw me and saw how upset I was, he recommended waiting for it to heal then avoided seeing me for the next 3 visits (he had his nurse see me). She felt so sorry for me as the wound wasn't healing quickly and prescribed something to help it heal quicker. Yes,it eventually healed. I had 2 giant areas of scarred skin and 2 unmatched breasts. Two years later I got the nerve up to do something about them and found the Dr. I originally wanted (Zubowski) and he fixed me to almost perfect. BEWARE,do not chance your body with Parker!!!'
This happened to me also. I am so dissatisfied and can't even tell you how many times I left his office in tears. Did you have to pay full price to have your surgery repeated at another doctor? I'm just so upset that I paid all of this money to have this done and that I might have to pay it again!