Rating Feedback for Dr. Braccia (1716251)

The rating:
'The staff was generally okay, but the Dr.'s wife has a horrible disposition and was really nasty. The staff discussed getting me started right away on the IV treatment, even though my test results were not even on their way to the lab yet. The staff also told me I would need to pay around $1000 per week for treatment. Yes, I said per WEEK. I tried to discuss alternatives for payment - they said they could go down to about &750 per week, but that was it. The Dr. seemed compassionate but I am not sure about his knowledge base. Something smells fishy about this place - getting IVs in a store front facility for $1000 a week? Well I can't afford it anyway so am going to get my test results and go elsewhere. People like me who have suffered so much are vulnerable and could be taken advantage of here. I might believe more in the Dr.'s sincerity if it weren't for his wife.'
This price breakdown was based on your out of network deductible that was going to be paid on a weekly basis while you were receiving treatment. It's unfortunate that insurance companies can set the rules when it comes to patient treatment. I wish there could have been a followup discussion. You can always call us at 215-256-0050.