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What procedure did you have? How are you now. My experience with him was horrible. Lots of asymmetry as well. He completely shortened my nose without consent. He should not be a surgeon working on faces.

What is your story? Where is

What is your story? Where is your written review? What happened to you? I had a DEVASTATING experience with this doctor. My life/face will never be the same.

Tell your story.

Tell your story.

well, I'm not sure why my

well, I'm not sure why my write up was not entered but it has been a devastating experience. I have been terribly depressed. I had a mid facelift and brow lift and there is so much asymmetry. I often feel like I look like a cartoon character. I have gone to a few doctors and it will be a life time of fillers and botox. There is nothing else that can be done. I'm not sure why my write up was not posted. I just told my story. I'm often not sure about this site as there is always a positive review posted after a negative. It makes me wonder.

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